Golden Age of Second Life is gone now. Many sims are shut down every month. We lose our favorite places …
Only memories and pictures stay.

But… it is not the end of SL.
There are still many beautiful and interesting pieces of the virtual world, new events, new instalations of virtual art etc.
Many things to see, many places to visit.
And this is what I do …

I’m an “explorer” of Second Life – for me the best way how to spend time in SL is exploring interesting places and events.
Though I take photos of avatars too, they’re mostly set in the landscape and it’s truly important for me to show you the place,
not the figures.

That’s also why my pics aren’t photoshopped, I want to show the places how they really look when you visit them.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. what are your computer specs? Your pics are wonderful. i am building one and was wondering how you make wonderful pictures

  2. Glad to know you don’t photoshop … I don’t either. To me, the purpose of SL photography is less ‘art’ than memory. Thank you for your lovely images.

  3. Your photographs are amazing – you make sims look like miniature vignettes. I haven’t been to SL for ages – my computer is too low end. What do you mean about its golden age? Are people leaving? I’ve always hoped that if I ever get a decent desktop I’d be able to wander about the more picturesque sims like you do – I always found that the most interesting thing to do there.

  4. Long time fan, first time poster. I wanted to compliment you on your absolutely gorgeous photos and
    wonder recommendations on locations. Thanks for that. I also wanted to suggest a site for your October spread, Missing Mile. Dark and spooky.

  5. You images are gallery qualified ~ I think in regards to comment about sims closings due to more financial reasons having been in SL for 9 years it was THE place to be especially for builders, and graphic artists that had this medium such free range ~ Sim prices were reasonable as my gf who dragged me in here had one that she built her nightclub on but things change as RL and people go onto other things just like in RL some get bored and for them it filled this void ~ numbers may drop but do I see SL going anywhere no but to own full sims for creating its an expense that a lot of ppl have to make the decision if that want to spend that kind of $$$ on ~ SL will always recycle itself and I see it growing with mesh, mesh heads, bento and other things ~ again love your images !

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